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How to Fall Back in Your Relationships

What’s up, y’all? The clocks fell back, we got an extra hour and now we’ve got some work to do. It’s time to fall back from some of our relationships with anyone who isn’t adding value or for the simple fact that you need a break from folks. In this episode, we talk about how …

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#StrangerDanger w/ DC Podcaster Simone from Nice To Meet You Podcast

Hey y’all! On today’s episode we have the lovely DMV native Miss Simone from the Nice To Meet You Podcast Show (@ntmypodcast). In this episode we talk about where Simone is from, where she bought her new house, how she meets people to be on her show and how she was inspired to start her …

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#1NewVoicemail Conference Winning + Referrals

Yaaas, it’s another day, another dolla and I’m ready to make this weekend holla… lmao I have NO idea why I just wrote that in here, but you’re welcome. This weekend I will be attending @_behold.her ‘s FIRST ever women’s self-worth conference in the District of Columbia. Haaaaaay! I’ll be posting footage of it all …

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Alyse Coleman
Alyse Colemanstudent & podcast lover

I look forward to Thursday episodes with Whitney- she's crazy and I love it. Plus, it means the weekend is close! Woo!