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How to Network for a NEW Chapter in Life

This is an EPIC solo episode- I give so many gems here and it’s hopefully an episode you can revisit and share with your friends who need it too. Moving to a new city, going through a breakup or divorce, getting a brand new job or business opportunity, going back to school or even getting …

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#1NewVoicemail Astrology Reading Time!

Hayyyyy, Hope you’ve been having a wonderful week. My recent podcast guest, Karrie Myers Taylor has been doing some EPIC astrology readings and I figured you’d be into it. Check out her site: and lmk what you think and if you do one. I did a mini-one this week and LOVED IT. Anyway, hmu …

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#TheSpill Astrology for Business Professionals w/ Karrie Myers Taylor

Yes! I’ve got Wellness Coach & Astrology Teacher and Leader Mrs. Karrie Myers Taylor from on the show and we’re talking about how to end 2019 on a GREAT note and how to start 2020 on an even BETTER one. Karrie is all about teaching people how to use astrology to help them in …

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Alyse Coleman
Alyse Colemanstudent & podcast lover

I look forward to Thursday episodes with Whitney- she's crazy and I love it. Plus, it means the weekend is close! Woo!