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#1NewVoicemail Mini-Interview Time!

Heyyyyy! I need a quick favor. If you have some time, I’d love your feedback on some things- we can do it over the phone or via my questionnaire. This is to help me get prepped for a course I’m gonna be dropping soon. Ahhhhh!!!! Make sure you have me on IG and you check …

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Happy Galentine’s Day! BONUS episode w/ Ashley Gordon

This episode was such a joy to record. I met Ashley in November 2019 at a conference and her session on How sex, F boys, and Disney Fantasies are Ruining Our Love Lives was phenomenal. Ashley & I discuss dating in DC (& around the US), our non-negotiables, online dating apps and how to take …

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Alyse Coleman
Alyse Colemanstudent & podcast lover

I look forward to Thursday episodes with Whitney- she's crazy and I love it. Plus, it means the weekend is close! Woo!