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#TheSpill w/ Wine Guru Desiree H. Brown

omgggggg- it’s time to SPILL today with my new, amazing wine friend Miss Desiree Brown from @winonoire! We’re talking wine tastings, wine bars, random wine knowledge and places we wanna drink wine. If you have ever wanted to sound cool at parties or happy hour events or you just wanna know more shit about wine- …

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#1NewVoicemail Happy Mother’s Day!

Cheers to all the mama’s out there! We love you!! Thanks, Mom for listening to my show lol. Have a great week everyone!! xo,. Whitney Danielle @whitneydaniellecoaching & @networkandspill

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#HowDidWeMeet w/ Journalist, Author & Start-Up Founder Joresa Blunt

Welcome Back!! Today I have Joresa Blount from @joresab on Instagram- she is a journalist, author and a new startup founder and I am SO GLAD WE MET!!! Something I didn’t know about Joresa:– she’s running a really cool business endeavor in LA called Go Flyy: and @goflyynow (If you know someone in LA …

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Alyse Coleman
Alyse Colemanstudent & podcast lover

I look forward to Thursday episodes with Whitney- she's crazy and I love it. Plus, it means the weekend is close! Woo!