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#1NewVoicemail Inspiring Women Inspiring Whitney

Wassup, y’all? New week, who dis???? This weekend I went to The Maggie Walker Historic Site in Richmond, VA and had an EPIC tour by my sister Alyse! Woo hoo! If you haven’t checked out last weeks’ episode with XayLi Barclay from Start Shoot Grow, please do- it was an amazing conversation. And be sure …

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#TheSpill w/ Video Content Coach XayLi Barclay on Confidence + Business

I am beyond thrilled and honored to have the one and ONLY Ms. XayLi Barclay from @startshootgrow on the show! She literally has a show called Camfidence where she teaches entrepreneurs how to tell their story, sell their business and shine on video confidently. So on this episode we talk about confidence as an entrepreneur …

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#1NewVoicemail Back to Busine$$, Baby

The fourth of July break is over, y’all. It’s time to get back to business. It’s been an interesting trek, but I think it’s going to take a turn for the BETTER very, very soon. I’ve got new episodes coming, so please stay tuned and as usual- thank you for your continued support. Add me …

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Alyse Coleman
Alyse Colemanstudent & podcast lover

I look forward to Thursday episodes with Whitney- she's crazy and I love it. Plus, it means the weekend is close! Woo!