Goal Setting 101: 3 Very Important Tips

Hello Hello!

It’s officially November!!! Whew- where the hell did the time go? Yeah, idk either, but here we are!!!

Here’s the deal: I want you all to close out 2018 with a bang and to start 2019 an even bigger bang.

So the question becomes: How do you make sure your goals are legit and attainable on a small-scale/everyday basis as well as on a BOSS ASS BITCH status?

This is the question that I answer in this podcast episode.

I refer to a few tips here- let me list them now.

Danielle LaPorte has some great books and planners that I feel actually help you achieve your goals moreso than the bougie planners do + I love her so check her out in general: Desire Planner

Michael Singer has an epic book called The Untethered Soul that helps you get your mind right and work on the voice inside your head that says you can or can’t achieve anything. This book is small but mighty and it changed my life, no lie.

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Whitney Danielle