Podcast Takeover! w/ Efa (aka Effie): Moving to a New City 101

Ever thought about relocating somewhere new?

Are you over where you live rn and are ready for a new adventure?

In this episode, Efa (aka Effie) talks about how she moved across the country solo and has lived in FOUR major cities in California. Finding new jobs, new apartments, new friends and a new social life for herself from the ground up.

I actually met Efa in San Diego a few years back, but now she lives in Los Angeles and is LOVING IT. We hung out at her last apartment on Cinco de Mayo of 2018 and had a blast- she’s like a little sister to me, I love her so much.

Effie is honest, open and keeps it 100 in this episode (and in life) and lets you know just about everything you’d possibly need to know or be aware of or consider when moving to a new city.

She gives tips and tricks and has some pretty great stories about her experiences doing some of the very things she recommends to do and NOT to do.

Efa is also a podcast host of the show Queens Table Talk where she co-hosts with 2 other amazing women. Their show is dedicated to empowering black millennial women by giving a voice to the feelings that are often internalized- in a safe space that they’ve created for expression without the judgment or ridicule. Queens Table Talk highlights women of color, advocates for social justice and is dedicated to telling the unfiltered truth about black women, BY black women.

Subscribe to Queens Table Talk on Apple Podcasts HERE and check out their website: www.queenstabletalk.com.

I was SO sick the last couple weeks, so I am SO grateful for Effie for doing this episode and speaking her truth. She did an AMAZING JOB and this episode is pure FIRE.


Whitney Danielle

@whitneydaniellecoaching on IG and @networkandspill on IG as well.

I’ll be back next week, y’all!