#StrangerDanger w/ Erica Buddington


I found an amazing woman to be on the show this week.

Straight outta NYC, Ms. Erica Buddington joins me to talk about her work as an author, leader, game-changer and entrepreneur.

Idk how I found her page on IG, but I am SOOO glad I did.

In this episode, Erica tells us about her work in this world, her upbringing reading books galore, winning a poetry competition in HS and writing 5 books! The fifth book is set to come out this year- ahhhhh!

Check out her dream project @LangstonLeague and check out her page on IG here @ericabuddington. Erica is on Twitter and is inspirational + keeps it real. Follow @ericabuddington on Twitter and go HERE for Erica’s FB page. Oh, and for my professional peeps- Erica is on LinkedIn
HERE. Be sure to look up her services and refer anyone to her that might need her support.

Thanks so much for tuning in!

Whitney Danielle

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