#HowDidWeMeet w/ Journalist, Author & Start-Up Founder Joresa Blunt

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Today I have Joresa Blount from @joresab on Instagram- she is a journalist, author and a new startup founder and I am SO GLAD WE MET!!!

Something I didn’t know about Joresa:
– she’s running a really cool business endeavor in LA called Go Flyy: www.goflyy.com and @goflyynow (If you know someone in LA who loves clothes or who can help Joresa with business stuff: share GoFlyy with them!!!)

Joresa has been doing big things in LA for a long time and I admire her so much.

She even wrote a book! Check it out HERE. It’s called “I Choose Me: Coming Back from Heartache and Other Bad Relationships”.

Thank you SO much for tuning in this week.

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