#1NewVoicemail Thinking in Color + HBD!

Special birthday shout out to Shanice and Alyse!! 30 and 21!! Woo! Milestone birfdays ftw!! I had so much fun celebrating bdays this week.

I also had a LOT of fun tuning into the Think In Color Summit hosted by Thinkific and XayLi Barclay.

Shout out to my girls Stephanie Liu, XayLi Barclay, Maya Elious and Mattie James for inspiring me and for being bosses in their lanes. Amazing interviews!

I also really enjoyed learning more about Tiffany The Budgetnista, Tiyana Robinson, Kalilah Wright, Jordan Gil, Meiko Temple, and Marshawn Evans Daniels. LOVED IT!

I think Im finna go design a course right quick.

Whitney Danielle