#StrangerDanger w/ Video Storyteller & Entrepreneur @ErinOnDemand

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Introducing: Erin Winters from @erinondemand and www.erinondemand.com. Erin is a YouTuber, Storyteller, Entrepreneur, Adventurer and Howard grad.

Today we sit down and talk about how she got started in her career and in her business and what she loves and doesn’t love about being a business badass online and in the world.

She’s a storyteller and has a diehard audience. She’s faith-driven and loves her family and her boyfriend. Erin is so much fun to talk to and has so much insight on social media and leading your tribe authentically.

Erin mentions Mel Robbin’s book “The 5 Second Rule” and she also mentions that she’s dropping a program at the beginning of July (+ wants me to be a part of it, HOLLA!). If you’re interested, hit her up ASAP.

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Whitney Danielle