#TheSpill w/ Sharon Beason on Keeping it 100 in LIFE

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On today’s episode we’ve got Ms. Sharon May Beason from Brooklyn, NY (I love New Yorkers lol). She’s a serial entrepreneur and a badass online and offline.

She travels, she speaks, she writes, she does pretty much everything and she’s here today to talk about how to keep it real online and offline in a world full of fake and wishy-washy people.

Follow Sharon on the ‘gram. She’s got her personal page @sharonmaybeason and her two businesses: @womeneur and @instaGsociety.

Sharon mentions a few books on this episode. She mentions one of my favorite authors Thich Nhat Hanh and also John C. Maxwell. Sylvester McNutt. The Little Black Book of Success. Sister Citizen. Lastly- I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown (can be found HERE).

Buy Sharon’s Book The Entrepreneur’s Startup Game Plan HERE.

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