#JulySpotlight w/ A Sister’s Keeper Foundation & Natasha Brown

On today’s episode, we have Natasha Brown from A Sister’s Keeper Foundation (in Tampa, FL).

We talk about Natasha’s life, her losses and her wins over at her non-profit A Sister’s Keeper.

And who woulda guessed- it’s actually Minority Mental Health Month and we talk a LOT about that on the show so please take heed to the advice and information given and share with a friend or loved one TODAY.

Check out the site and what’s going on right now at: https://www.asisterskeeper.org/

For more information about EAP, go HERE.

Natasha mentioned reading the book Shook Ones by Charlamagne the God: found HERE.

A Sister’s Keeper Foundation on Facebook: HERE.

A Sister’s Keeper Foundation on Instagram: @ask_inc.

To DONATE to this amazing foundation, please go HERE.

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Whitney Danielle