#StrangerDanger w/ Transformation Coach + Medium Susheela

Welcome, Welcome!

Today on the show I’ve got the one and only Susheela Ramachandran on the line all the way from Canada! My first Canadian guest and my first woman of Indian descent!! What What!!

Susheela is someone I met through a mutual friend, Miss Danielle from SoCal and she and I knew that doing some work together was going to happen the moment we started chatting.

As a coach, healer and medium, Susheela has tapped into her superpowers as a person and looks to help visionaries stop beating themselves up so that they can fix what isn’t working in their lives and manifest what they really want.

Want to learn more about yourself, your limiting beliefs and your amazing potential? Book a call with her and see what she has to say about YOU.

Her site is thousandpetallife.com and she’s on the ‘gram @susheelaramachandran. She’s also on FB HERE.

Again, thank you SO Much for tuning in to this episode and to the show in general.

If you know any empaths or any spiritual badass women and men out there- please share this episode with them. I’d love to hear what you all think and answer any questions that you might have.

Talk soon!

Whitney Danielle