How to Network for a NEW Chapter in Life

This is an EPIC solo episode- I give so many gems here and it’s hopefully an episode you can revisit and share with your friends who need it too.

Moving to a new city, going through a breakup or divorce, getting a brand new job or business opportunity, going back to school or even getting your shit together mentally can produce big waves in your life.

But how do you manage those waves by yourself? Are you prepared?

If you need to call someone or reach out for help/advice/support- do you have someone you can hit up?

In this episode, we talk about how to make sure you’re surrounding yourself with the right people at the right time in your life and how to make sure certain things are on your radar so you can flourish in whatever new chapter you’re in right now.

God speed, my friends!

You know you always have me in your corner.

Whitney Danielle