#TheSpill Astrology for Business Professionals w/ Karrie Myers Taylor

Yes! I’ve got Wellness Coach & Astrology Teacher and Leader Mrs. Karrie Myers Taylor from KM-Taylor.com on the show and we’re talking about how to end 2019 on a GREAT note and how to start 2020 on an even BETTER one.

Karrie is all about teaching people how to use astrology to help them in pretty much every part of life and she does 1:1 sessions and has coaching packages to help guide folks through a number of different areas of life.

Still learning the basics about Astrology and want to know more? Follow Karrie on the ‘gram at @selfkarrie and learn more.

Have a specific question about your birth chart or your zodiac sign? Send Karrie a message over at km-taylor.com, slide in her DM’s or follow her blog. She’s one of the kindest, gentlest people I’ve ever met and she knows her stuff.

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Whitney Danielle