#StrangerDanger w/ Liberation Coach Louiza “Weeze” Doran

I am so happy to have the one and only Weeze on the show from “That’s Not How That Works” Podcast and louizadoran.com.

She’s a Liberation & Decolonization Coach and she works with people of color, as well as White folk to help them navigate the world in a better, way more productive and respectful way (to themselves & to others).

On this episode we talk about the coaching industry being hella white-washed, media in general having Caucasian tendencies, and about the work that Weeze does.

Obviously, we dive a bit into Weeze’s whereabouts and what makes her tick- but the best part is: there will be more where this came from.

More conversations, more laughs, more honesty and more truth.

We’ve got all that and more in this episode, so tune in and stay connected with us.

Weeze can be found on the ‘gram @accordingtoweezus and @nothowthatworks

I can be found on the ‘gram @whitneydaniellecoaching and @networkandspill

And if you’re interested in working with Weeze or know someone who needs her help- please reach out to her on IG DMs or on FB Messenger- or hit her up on her website: louizadoran.com.

Her program information can be found here: RECLAIM.


Thank you so much for tuning in, subscribing and sharing this show with your friends. It truly means so much to me.

Whitney Danielle