#TheSpill w/ Personal Finance Blogger Jackie from @sugarandmoney

Hey everyone!

We’ve got a very special guest in the house this week: Mrs. Jackie Jones from @sugarandmoney & sugarandmoney.com!

Jackie has paid off around $60,000 in debt and has made it her personal mission to help everyone around her with their personal finances.

What I love most about Jackie and her blog is that she is passionate about living the sweet life, having fun and enjoying herself and her family… but she’s also responsible, reasonable and actionable with her money and financial goals.

I talk about balance a lot- and on this podcast episode we learn how Jackie does it and where she started from not too long ago.

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In this episode we reference a particular blog post reflecting on a passage from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. Read the blog post Jackie wrote about it HERE on granting yourself permission.

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Sending you positive money flow vibes and lots of love.

Whitney Danielle