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#1NewVoicemail Winning Bets: Go Nats!

Super excited the Nationals won the World Series and that it’s warm and Halloween (and that it’s almost Friday). Don’t forget to share episodes with your friends and leave a review on Apple Podcasts b/c you love me back!!!! xoxo,Whitney Danielle@whitneydaniellecoaching and @networkandspill

#OctoberSpotlight w/ Nile founder Khadijah

I am so excited to have back in rotation a very special #Spotlight episode. I met this guest, in DC at a #BlackGirlsBrunch event hosted by @newgeechee and @blackgirlsbrunches. Khadijah runs Nile from and over at @thenilelist on IG. Nile is an online community connecting consumers and shoppers like us to Black-owned businesses online …

#1NewVoicemail Fall Productivity FTW

Let’s get it on and poppin’ with some Fall Productivity vs the st. Netflix & Chill bullshit. We’ve got goals to hit. Make sure you’ve got me on the ‘gram: @networkandspill and @whitneydaniellecoaching. New episode on Thursday!!! xoxo,Whitney Danielle

#1NewVoicemail Dating Woes + Stay Tuned!

yeah, so uhhhh… being single is fucking wild, bruh. The good news is I’m cute, the bad news is a bitch is tired. Stay tuned this week for more fun-filled episodes and a recap on my dating adventures (to include a cat-fishing story and 2 vertically challenged but sweet men). Cheers!Whitney Danielleadd me on the …

#1NewVoicemail Anniversary Love

Check out the voicemails some of my previous podcast guests left me for my one year anniversary!! I feel so lucky and so loved. 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you to not only my previous guests but to all of my listeners for helping making this show what it is. Sending so much gratitude and love. 💙💙💙🎤🎤🎤

Happy Birthday, Network & Spill!!!

OhMyGod. It’s been a year. 52 weeks. 365 days. Since I launched my podcast baby Network& Spill. Thank you SO much to all of you- this has been so incredible. I’m so grateful. I will be posting a link to a survey in my IG bio over @whitneydaniellecoaching. It won’t be there forever, so if …

#1NewVoicemail Happy October + Don’t Forget!

Woo! New month, who dis?????? I am super excited about all that’s coming this quarter… it’s gonna be amazing. Anyway, the 1 year anniversary/bday of Network & Spill is happening this October 4th, so be there or be square!!! I’m so pumped!!!! Please be sure to tune in to my solo episode this week as …