#OctoberSpotlight w/ Nile founder Khadijah

I am so excited to have back in rotation a very special #Spotlight episode. I met this guest, in DC at a #BlackGirlsBrunch event hosted by @newgeechee and @blackgirlsbrunches.

Khadijah runs Nile from thenilelist.com and over at @thenilelist on IG. Nile is an online community connecting consumers and shoppers like us to Black-owned businesses online and around the way.

We had a phenomenal episode and I am super excited to do my Christmas shopping solely through the app when it launches on or around Black Friday this year! Woo!!

Oh, btw- make sure you’re on the newsletter for Nile– there is a weekly business spotlight there. AND- if you know a business owner who should be featured, hit the website HERE and get submitted. The time is now!

Thank you, Khadijah for the work you’re doing and connecting us with Black businesses that need a spotlight in this online world.
We appreciate you!

Whitney Danielle