#StrangerDanger w/ Author & Photographer St. Clair Detrick-Jules

This woman literally slid into my inbox and was like ‘hey girl hey lemme be on your show, I love it and I’m working on a dope project’.

How could i possibly say no? Especially when I meet her on Zoom and she’s the sweetest person I’ve literally ever met in my life.

Meet St. Clair Detrick-Jules from @stclairdetrickjules and @dear_khloe on the ‘gram. She’s working on a photography book called Dear Khloe paying homage to natural hair all over the country.

St. Clair came up with this idea when her 4 year old sister was feeling some type of way about rockin’ a fro in a school full of straight-haired girls. She needed some inspiration and her big sis came through.

This book, Dear Khloe, will be released in Spring 2020 so stay tuned and follow her journey @dear_khloe and @stclairdetrickjules.

PS- I will be giving away some copies of the book next year, so stay tuned!!!

Whitney Danielle
@networkandspill and @whitneydaniellecoaching