National Poetry Month’s Grand Finale: Compilation

This episode is a compilation of 7 women from my #network & myself reading poems from different people from different walks of life and different decades and cultures. I wanted to do something different this month and end National Poetry Month with something AMAZING.

1st poem: Coping by Audre Lorde, read by me: @whitneydanielleco_

2nd poem: Caged Bird by Maya Angelou, read by Efa Akutekha @aye_effie

3rd poem: Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe, read by Efa Akutekha. @aye_effie

4th poem: A Matter of Gray by Karrie Myers Taylor, read by Karrie Myers Taylor @selfkarrie

5th poem: Discovery of a Brown Beauty by Archuleta Chisolm, read by Archuleta Chisolm @archuletawrites ((check out her poetry books!))

6th poem: Mothers by Nikki Giovanni, read by Archuleta Chisolm @archuletawrites

7th poem: A Woman Speaks by Audre Lorde, read by Archuleta Chisolm @archuletawrites

8th poem: Mental Health by Yrsa Daley-Ward, read by Archuleta Chisolm @archuletawrites

9th poem: Sully Sixteen Months by C. K. Williams, read by Corinne Zmoos @crescendo.communication

10th poem: the middle place by Rupi Kaur, read by Tyra Johnson @just.tyraj

11th poem: Desiderata by Max Ehrmann, read by Acasia Olson @rhymeswith_acasia

12th poem: I Happened to Be Standing by Mary Oliver, read by Wilsar @callmewilsar

Final poem: A Poem of Friendship by Nikki Giovanni, read by me @networkandspill

BONUS POEM: by Angie Franklin @afroyogabyangie :
Ocean Skin

Breathe in your own light
And be full with your own love
As pearls of salt water roll off your glowing skin
Be quiet and listen
You have an ocean within…
Whether your waves are crashing recklessly on the shore and frighten those who see your power
Or your waters are so still that a shimmer glazes atop you and reflects the beauty of the sky
Know you have a deep blue sea within
Filled with magical powers that belong only to you
Be quiet and listen
Hear the sound of the ocean in your breath
And taste the salt of the water that magically arises from your glowing skin…

Thank you ALL SO much for tuning in and to the beautiful women who spoke.

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Whitney Danielle