#StrangerDanger w/ Budget Expert Mykail James

Hey everyone! Today I have Mykail James from @theboujiebudgeter and boujiebudgets.com! She’s from DC and I knew NOTHING about her before we got on this call. She’s a Hampton Alum and she loves talking finance from a single girl in the city’s perspective (which is such a breath of fresh air from all the Mommy Budgeters and Two-Income-Household-Budgeters).

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Resources mentioned on this episode:
Her Workbook:  https://www.boujiebudgets.com/shop/financiallyinnovative Use Code SPILL for a discount.

Additional resources: https://www.boujiebudgets.com/freebies 

Newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/boujiebudgets/podcast

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Whitney Danielle