How to Show TF Up for your Friends

Some of y’all don’t know how to show tf up for your friends- and it shows. (I know, the shade of it all… but it’s true!)

NOW is the time to start showing up more for those we care about. Right now. Today.

I saw a lot of debates on social a little while back when people were struggling with stay at home orders and stuff and now we have a lot more going on, we’re still stuck at home and one of the top answers I have for all of this is: SHOW TF UP. Whatever that looks like for you. This episode will help you navigate that so you can start showing up better for your friends and feeling better about life.

Need support? Has no one been showing up for you? Just reach out or drop me a voicenote on social @whitneydanielleco_ or @networkandspill.

Journal about this shit and write down some ways you can better show up and better connect. Lmk how it goes.


Whitney Danielle

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