#TheSpill Business Credit Cards & MORE w/ Dr. Bryan McElderry

Today we have the incredibly smart and knowledgeable Dr. Bryan McElderry. Bryan has been on the show before (check out our episode #55 from years ago on Mindset + Focus HERE).

Be sure to add Bryan on IG @drmcelderry and be sure to tap into his page on leveraging money @leveragementorship

For more information on how to work with Bryan and what he’s up to in the world, check out his website: https://www.bryanmcelderry.com/

Make sure you add yours truly on IG: @whitneydanielleco_ and @networkandspill and hmu if you have any questions whatsoever.

Bryan is brilliant and I am SO glad he was able to make time for the sure and speak to us all on what he’s been working on these days. Tap in with him on Clubhouse for a lot more Business Credit Card intel and so much more (search his name in the Clubhouse app).

Lastly, tap into Bryan’s podcast: Leverage University Podcast on Anchor HERE.


Whitney Danielle