About You  Women who like to listen to podcasts, who want to network better, who are business professionals with their own careers and/or companies who want to make more clients and also make more friends. These women feel alone a lot, want a support group and want to feel connected to the general group of women in business who are kind, caring, giving and like minded. They might be new to podcasts and they might be new to business, but they are open-minded to the journey and to seeing what this is all about.
About The Host Hey everybody. It's Whitney from WhitneyDanielle.com. I'm a coach, a consultant, a world traveler, car enthusiast and a renowned "Chatty Cathy". I'm a sucker for good conversations, great libations, learning new things, meeting new people & having fun with my friends and colleagues. I created this show in summer of 2018 and have been having a blast putting together episodes each and every week with some of the best people on the planet. I hope you love this show as much as I love making it - don't forget to catch me on social! @whitneydanielleco_ and @networkandspill on the 'gram.

About The Show

#StrangerDanger: episodes where I bring on a total stranger and record our very first conversation together. It’s a way for me to show my listeners how I build rapport with people who I don’t know and how they can too
#HowDidWeMeet: episodes where I bringo n someone who is already part of my network and we discuss how we met, what they do in the world and what’s to come for them
#TheSpill: episdoes where I bring on an expert in a particular field to address a specific topic that I feel my audience would benefit from knowing more about
#Spotlight Episodes: episodes where I highlight non-profit organizations that help and benefit marginalized communities. I usually bring on the founder and have them speak to the work they’re doing, why they got started and how they need support
#Solo Episodes: episodes where the I, the host, dive into topics around how to network/connect better and my personal tips & tricks for doing and being better

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