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#TheSpill How to REST Better w/ Certified Sleep Expert Khaliah Guillory from Nap Bar

This episode is all about rest, taking breaks and honoring your body and your life. I have Certified-Sleep Expert, Speaker and Lover of Humanity: Khaliah O. Guillory @kogspeaks on the show this week and I am HYPE!!! Khaliah is the founder of Nap Bar @napbarhou out in Houston and we had a phenomenal time talking …

#1NewVoicemail Anniversary Love

Check out the voicemails some of my previous podcast guests left me for my one year anniversary!! I feel so lucky and so loved. 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you to not only my previous guests but to all of my listeners for helping making this show what it is. Sending so much gratitude and love. 💙💙💙🎤🎤🎤