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#1NewVoicemail Tarot + HMU

Hey boo! Lmk what you wanna hear me talk about in March over at @whitneydanielleco_ on the ‘gram and def check out @the.over.ambitious.one on IG as well and get a reading like I did… it’s pretty dope. I’ll see you in the next episode! xoxo, Whitney Danielle

21 Ways to Spice Up Your Morning Routine

Hey y’all- it’s time to get ourselves all the way together and we can start doing this by showing tf up for OURSELVES when we wake up. Whether you’re a morning person or not- having a routine for what you do after your pretty feet hit the floor as you get out of bed is …

How to Pour from a FULL CUP

This episode means a lot to me for a couple reasons but mainly I’m excited to be on this journey of personal development and creating more flow and ease in my life. As mentioned in the episode: follow my journey on IG @whitneydanielleco_ and hmu anytime with feedback and such (I’m going to have a …

#1NewVoicemail Starting 2021 off wild

Y’all- I really hope your seatbelts are on b/c y’all already know this year is gonna continue to be wild af. Anyway- stay sexy, stay accountable and hit me up via text #accountablity to 202-933-8443 and hmu on the ‘gram @whitneydanielleco_ Ttfn. Lots of Love, Whitney Danielle

Heyyy- Welcome to Network & Spill 2021, babyyy

Welcome to my podcast: Network & Spill. It’s 2021 and I’m ready to rock and freakin’ role. Hmu on the ‘gram @whitneydanielleco_ and @networkandspill and let’s stay connected. I wanna know what you’re up to, where you’re located, what you wanna hear and what your goals are. We’re in this together, boo. So let’s get …