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Minisode: on Being More Professional

hot topic, short length. Let’s get this info an keep it moving, shall we? I’m going to be posting some Minisodes for the next few weeks to see how ppl like them as it’ll be something that’s included in my Patreon that I’ll be launching soon. If you’re interested in being part of my Patreon …

How to Surround Yourself w/ Winners

Hey everyone!!! Time for anotha solo episode. This is really important and has been on my mind for a while now so tune in, grab a glass of wine and hmu afterwards @whitneydanielleco_ and @networkandspill. I’m talking about how to surround yourself with the right people who are taking names, running shit and going places …

#1NewVoicemail Subculture Obsessions

What’s going on, yo? Hope you had an epic weekend. I’m back on my bullshit 😉 S/o to my plants Jerome, Jessica Simpson and to ALLLLLLLL the others. I love my babies. Hmu on the ‘gram and lmk what you’re obsessed w/ these days @whitneydanielleco_ and @networkandspill xoxo, Whitney Danielle

#1NewVoicemail Best Purchase Ever?

Sooo I know I’m not the only one who has bought things that they’re obsessed with this year… especially during quarantine… What have you bought? Lemme see: @networkandspill @whitneydanielleco_ I’ll post a pic of my new baggggg on IG stories. Ttyl! Whitney Danielle

#HowDidWeMeet w/ Networking Strategist & Event Host Olesha Haskett

This week we have the one and only Olesha from OhEmpower.com and OhExperience.com 😉 She’s a BFA AND MBA degreed Black woman in Business and she’s here for the creativity, collaboration and networking! Check out Olesha on the ‘gram @ohempower, @ohexperience and @boudoirforblackwomen. She is INCREDIBLE and her content is too. Oh- and while you’re …

#1NewVoicemail Big Projects??

Hey hey hey!! I hope this heat is treating you well. Hmu on the ‘gram and lmk what you’ve got going on right now and if you’re doing anything interesting. I’d love to catch up and support however I can. Hugs! Whitney Danielle @networkandspill @whitneydanielleco_

How to Show TF Up for Yourself

This is part 2 of the 2 part series on Showing TF Up. I’m super pumped with how it turned out and I really loved putting it together. I give a lot of tips and tricks for those interested in showing up for the ones they love and also for themselves, specifically right now. Show …